This might be…

…my new FAVORITE FUN RING to make!  Yep – I think I need to do more of these.  Copper.  Sterling.  Gold.  Time to PLAY!

If you look in our Custom Gallery you’ll see I put together a photo grid of a super fun ring I finished today:  Custom Copper Crimp

It was a simple idea.  It was a simple copper crimp.  It was simply awesome!

Custom Copper Crimp

My friend brought in a piece of copper crimping tube, given to her by someone special.  It was 8mm wide, finger size 5, totally flat, slightly sharp in places – AND she brought in a really cool idea!  She wanted to make the simple “ring” stunning and unique.

Ok – I’m all over this!

It started with a Sharpie – gotta love those.  I put marks all over the tube where I knew I’d be using an 8.0 blade, a separating disc and a barrette file, finishing with a sanding stick.  I never had to put this on a mandrel, the size would not change.  This was simply hand and tool work.  It was FAST!  Copper is so soft, it was like butter with every cut and file.  I found myself actually smiling as I was creating this awesome piece!  I knew my friend wanted a bold look, not soft or frilly – something that had grit and shine without being sharp.  Again, I’m all over this!

I finished the inside with a satin look because we also added a special engraving; those words needed to shine!

After I accomplished the carved look I knew my friend was looking for, I coated the entire outside and edges with hot pink nail polish!  (That’s the “teaser” photo I sent her – and that’s when I knew she trusted me – heehee!) See, I had a plan to gold plate the inside so her finger didn’t turn green from the copper against her skin.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when people go “outside the box” and get creative with something special, from someone special, and entrust me to make it their DREAM.  Even if it’s “just” a copper tube.

Thank you “C”!  😉


PS  If you have an idea, simple or complex, let’s play!  You have a dream?  I’m all over it.