In addition...

RW Jewelers offers on-site watch repair, engraving and arc welding repair. While 99% of our repair services are done in store, some services need to be sent out (ie: certain watches or laser repair). We do our very best to insure your items are safe and repaired to the highest quality and standards. This business is built on trust, and we thank you for yours.


Coin & Currency

Are you a collector? A dealer? A hoarder, waiting for the apocalypse???Maybe you're looking to fill in that final spot in Grandpa's wheat penny folder. Or you give a .999 fine silver bullion coin to your kids for that first lost tooth (shhhh!) Not only do we sell, but we buy coin and currency as well. We are thorough, it takes time, appointments recommended.


Sterling Silver

Looking for that "statement piece?" Try our Sterling Silver collections. Our Vintage South West Turquoise case is incredible! Want a something with bold, natural stones, hand set with earrings to match?  We have it. Crosses and medals, bracelets and earrings, intricate and delicate, bold and daring, and everything in between - we have something for everyone!


Stacey's Boutique

Honestly, the term "Fine Jewelry" can frighten a lot of people off... they see large dollar signs and think there is nothing in store for them.  They couldn't be more wrong. At RW Jewelers & Boutique we have over 2,400 sq ft of showroom space - over 40 showcases! Beyond Fine Retail and Estate Jewelry up front, Stacey's Boutique houses beautiful, whimsical, and one-of-a-kind estate pieces from Fine to Costume; Italian Leather handbags by Nino Bossi; Bath Bombs and Soaps from Naples Soap Company; Kameleon "Pop-In" Jewelry; and so much more! Stop in, browse around and enjoy our fun environment. Try things on (it's free!), ask questions, no pressure!  We want you to enjoy our business as much as we do!

Watches, watches, WATCHES!

If you enjoy collecting watches as much as Randy does, then you are in for a treat! He will talk your ear off about a good timepiece. RW Jewelers carries many name brand watches - Victorinox Swiss Army, Luminox, Tommy Bahama and Speidel, to name a few. But our "signature watch line" has been Belair Watch Co. from the beginning. All of our watch lines have unique functions and styles, particular to each wearers performance needs and fashion. We carry a variety of high end Estate & Vintage wrist and pocket watches, as well as fun fashion watches in like-new condition - a "must see!"