This is our favorite part of the business:  creating something from conception to completion!  Start with just an idea or a sketch, multiple pics or websites; combine them into one beautiful piece, or an ensemble, maybe several pieces for mother and daughter(s)...  Now add the special meaning of those things that have a past, great history, sentimental value.  Broken or not your style?  Let's make it "Uniquely Yours!"

Are you ready?

Call us or email us here!  Let's set up a time to gather up those ideas and items and see where it takes us.  Need a special time outside of business hours?  We can certainly make that happen.  We're happy to help!

A popular question is if we can work with specific jewelry you have.  The answer is:  we have to see it in person to know if it can be worked with at all.  Most of the time, yes!  If not, we always come up with workable options.

Another popular Q:  how long will it take?  That depends a lot on you =)  How much detail is involved?  How many visits will we need to finalize the design?  Is this an assembled piece?  Hand Carved?  CAD-cam design?  (We do it all!)

As you can see there is a lot involved!

Most things can get started with a quick first meeting in the store.  From there we can work with pictures and sketches over email - ain't technology great?!  😉  After that we can discuss another in-store meeting or if we move on with the next step(s).

We require a down payment - non-refundable, non-cancellable - but this is also credited to your final balance.  When we give you an estimate, please know that it is just that, an ESTIMATE. But we always try to get as close to that estimate as possible without ever going over - including applicable taxes!  We understand you have a budget and we work hard to give you what you want within that budget.  Sure, if you make changes, additions, etc.,your budget hast to be increased as well, but it is our goal to never let a "surprise" be a negative one.  We will always be in communication with you, and you with us.

Visit our Custom Gallery at the top of this page - we would love to add yours to it!